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Lana Del Rey, The Drums, and Emma Watson walk in to a bar ….. stop me if you’ve heard this one….

February 17, 2012 Leave a comment

so i just heard this Lana Del Rey song “born to die”

It’s really really really good. Her voice is prefect for this song it matches the spooky bitter-sweet sound which also fits the mood of the song perfectly. Honestly I rushed out to listen to all her other stuff after I heard this and found I don’t really like any of it (not really passing judgement just saying I don’t like it). It just one of those times where everything comes together to make a truly great song. Though I no doubt everything she does is light years ahead of the Katy Perry et. al. crap that’s on the radio these days. So why haven’t I heard this on the radio yet while at the same time top 40 radio basically just repeats the same five songs in constant rotation which consist of Adele plus four songs that suck shit…..

Then I heard this amazing tune by The Drums called “Days”

Again really really good, BUT again I don’t like any of their other stuff and ….. honestly with these guys I think its ok actually say that all their other stuff its terrible, because ….. all their other stuff is terrible. It’s kinda  weird

And then, i usually don’t find women with a boy hair cut to be that attractive, and I’ve never really found Emma Watson to be all that attractive either (understand we are talk about relative to the model/movie star scale so don’t get it twisted) BUT this just blew my freakin mind =

Utterly and completely gorgeous like I’m speechless. I do love my brown-eyed women.

Oh yeah and I started a tumblr

I’m also on pinterest.


Tracks Rocking My World This Week

August 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Really Liking this one right now

Of course she was going to be on the list

Great song by one of my all time favorites and probably the most under rated band ever

you know you like it…



July 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Now along with every thing else i have to worry about my internet browsers self esteam…..

Ironicaly when I was using ie7 I didn’t get this message i upgrade to ie9 and now my browser is out of date….. not sure how the math works on that one.

Seen on the Interweb This Week

July 20, 2011 Leave a comment

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@kreayshawn you had me at “bitch you ain’t a barbie, I seen you work at arbys” *tear*

May 18, 2011 Leave a comment

hurry up I’m starving….

This is Kreayshawn she is a rapper. BUT she is also a video shooter -> edit0r -> director. This is her demo reel from the summer 2009 (kinda dated but what you gonna do) of course i love the song…

sometimes she is in videos

sometimes she gets interviewed with creepy dudes behind her

Rapper+shooter+editor+director+personality das a five tool playa. Whatever “it” is shes got some of it I think she has a chance.

From Zero to GHETTO in 1.25 seconds….

February 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Another reason to love Tosh, he just tweeted this video. I had seen this on Facebook a couple of years ago but could not find it anywhere (not that I looked too hard mine you). This basically sums up how I feel every time I go to Livingston Parish…..

which reminds me of this classic, I can’t believe the co-anchor finished the lead out to commercial with a straight face and even voice he must be some kind of zen Buddhist monk ….. or a robot…

and too round things out this…..people at fox news seem to be obsessed with dick….hmmmm…. the black cock helicopter was a true classic….. PAGING DR. FREUD.

The interwebz explains everything……It knows all, sees all…

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

sometimes only the internet is the only thing that can make sense of the things that keep obsessive compolisive, narsasistic, self loathing, ego maniac, weirdos like me up at night.

sooooooo fun b/c it is sooooo true.

Flowchart: Why Hasn’t the Person You Texted Responded Yet?

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