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I Like La Roux @larouxofficial

**Note: This post is about music, I know nothing about music and Can’t (not don’t) understand it at all as far a making it my brain just doesn’t work that way (like some people don’t get math). I am however a big fan of listening to music so please be aware that all my opinions on music are from that perspective and if you try to look at it from a musician perspective it probably won’t make sense will make even less sense than my post usually do**

One morning this spring I was doing my usual morning ritual involving VH1 and I saw a video come on by a band called “La Roux”, sounds french right, and I was like great more Euro-trash. I looked away as I started putting on my shoes an I look up again and I see a video with a unique and not unpleasant aesthetic making me feel as though I’d been sucked in to Mondrian’s brain or something like that. Then I saw the singer (Elly Jackson) and I was like “…ummmm is that a chick or a dude?!?!?” after watching for a few seconds I satisfied myself that it was a chick, I finished putting on my shoes and then I went on with my life. Two (ish) days later the scene was the same and this video came on again, I was like oh it’s that crazy video (crazy that someone would take the time to actually creat an abstract aesthetic for a video as opposed to soft core porn) I watched the whole thing and was like …. it’s not a bad song. By lunch time I was singing the part that goes “tick, tick, tick, tick on the…..” over and over in my head. I did a quick google search and I’ve been a fan ever since.

They have several songs that are very good, and they seem to have more of their stuff remixed than almost anyone out there. This leads me to my next point I think La Roux’s music is good, especially in comparison to the horrible and soulless Disneyesque music that permeates the air waves now. BUT what I really like what I think is really specially is Elly Jackson’s voice.

Not so much in bulletproof, but in lots of their other stuff. **WARNING** This next part is going to make you think I’m crazy and may sound like blasphemy to some of you, but once I heard some of the stuff that features her singing more prominently the place my mind went was to Al Green, Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin or James Brown. obviously she sounds nothing at all like any of these people and certainly isn’t on their level (yet), but my mind went there because these are the GREAT singers I have always listened to who’s voices where not only singing the lyrics but were like and instrument of their own. Their singing is powerful, emotive, and gets under your skin effecting you emotionally in a way that I’m usually only effected by the music in a song. I think Elly Jackson’s voice has this power and for that reason is special. It’s like when you see James Brown on stage he’s like a sweating mess who’s just absolutely losing his mind and you know he is giving you 100% of what he’s got pouring his soul into it. Despite Ms. Jackson’s very controlled and low-key appearance when you hear her belt out some of these songs you feel that she is truly giving you everything she’s got, pouring her soul into it. On some level this all out passion is what great music is all about. This is why their music has been remixed so much, the remixes usually use her singing because it is great. Here are a few other examples:

Ten years from now no one will give a shit who Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry or Justin Bieber are, But if she keeps herself healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually people will still know and care who Elly Jackson is. In addition to that when I hear her interviewed she seems to be a class act which is very refreshing compared to what pop culture has been giving us lately, essentially a ten-year deluge of skanks. Oh and it doesn’t hurt that she’s got the whole british accent thing going on. When I, and I think many Americans, hear someone talking in a british accent its kind of like when those guys charm the snakes out of baskets …. I’m entranced.

and part two

Not even sure what she’s talking about half the time (arcenic chewing gum?), but I still love it.

So what do you think, feel free to leave comments.

  1. May 8, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    Heya you should take a look at my tumblr, it’s full of Elly haha

  1. February 14, 2011 at 6:32 pm

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