What can i say … I’m an enigma warped in a riddle…wrapped in bacon (i wish)…

As for your humble narrator, my name is billy and I’m a ___________ (so many things could go here lol), Le Singe is my nom-de-guerre or maybe nom-de-keyboard. I’m 33 years old; I live in the Baton Rouge aka the red stick. I’m an engineer who designs/analyzes bridges. I’m a member of the Kool-Aid club who’s been rocketed in to the 4th dimension and tries to live life one day at a time for those who know (member in good stand for ten yrs.) I’ve always loved rap, i love disco and cheesy techno, 80′s pop, and diet Pepsi just to name a few things. I say use the phrase’s “I mean” and “I guess” waaaay too much, and i’m totally out of control with the …… thing. I have a love/hate affair with pop culture and a red hot romance with Internet chic (1337 h4x0r style). I have a driving disorder…..I run into stuff a lot so if you see me lookout and don’t park anywhere near anywhere I might park. I never learned phonics so my spelling is terrible (some one once told me this is a sign of genius ) and my grammar is almost as bad so you might need a decoder ring to follow along.

This blog Is the result of my brain exploding and splattering all over the interwebz ….. there was a lot of strange stuff going on in there so who knows it might “get wierd” …. but oh well. Basically a stream of conscience of my musings on modern life, and a cataloging of stuff I like, and possible stuff I do..


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