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I think this is a hit! agree?

This is crazy good! It would be even better if Annie Mac wasn’t running her mouth and making noises like a retarded leprechaun over it, but c’est la vie we’ll take what we get.

Funny thing about Chromeo I’ve been listening to some of their stuff for a couple of years starting when Itunes just randomly recommended it to me (Bonafide loving, Fancy Footwork). At the time i just assumed they were some couple hit wonder band from the mid 80’s and I never thought about it again … until like a few months ago when I found out they are actually a contemporary band. Chromeo is good and all, but La Roux makes the song (just listen to the original without her). Elly Jacksons voice is so awesome it absolutely melts me when I hear it …. I know i’m seriously obsessed and its getting a little bit wierd and a little bit creepy, but what ya gonna do all in all a La Roux obseesion is not so bad compared to some obsession i’ve had so… “it is what it is” I wonder if the Mo-rons running the radio business will have the sense to put this on? I think it will be a hit if they do.

Err oh ya the track is called “Hot Mess” it was originally on the chromeo album (without Elly) I assume this will be released as a separate single.

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