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Designated Driver is a Life Saver

August 1, 2011 Leave a comment

It looks like our buddy Mikie Mikes got some competition for father of the year: The father of the year is back!!

LIVINGSTON – A Mississippi man was arrested Saturday and accused of allowing his 8-year-old son to drive his pickup truck while the man slept in the passenger seat, aLouisiana State Policespokeswoman said.

Just after 6:30 a.m., troopers received a call from a concerned motorist traveling west on Interstate 12 nearHolden, Trooper Melissa Matey said.

The motorist said a child appeared to be driving a greenChevroletpickup truck erratically along the interstate, Matey said.

Troopers pulled the truck over just west of La. 447 inLivingston Parishand determined that an 8-year-old boy was driving the truck, Matey said.

The boy’s 4-year-old sister was in the back seat of the truck’s cab, Matey said. The boy’s father, Billy Joe Madden, 28, ofHattiesburg, Miss., was in the front passenger seat.

After interviewing Madden, troopers concluded the man was intoxicated and had been sleeping while his son drove the vehicle, Matey said. The family was traveling from Hattiesburg to Dallas.

The boy and girl were turned over toChild Protective Servicesto await the arrival of a family member, Matey said.

Madden was arrested and booked into the Livingston Parish Jail on two counts of child desertion and no child restraint. He was booked on one count each of parent allowing a minor to drive, open container and no seat belt. Bail was set at $1,474.

Child desertion?? He was sitting right there …. I mean c’mon police these days, every time they pull you over they want to try to charge you with everything but the Kennedy Assassination …… We got a parent here who is trying to help his son get ahead by teaching him important life skills at a young age, and at the same time teaching both his kids the value of having a designated driver. And some self righteous do-gooder has to stick their nose in where it doesn’t belong and get the law involved….

Ironically these children actually would have been better off it they had been deserted. Some how I was not surprised to see our friend was not wearing a shirt when he was brought in. It’s absolute poetic justice that this occured in Livingstone Parish.

What I still don’t get is how the hell does an eight year old child drive a car? How can he possibly reach the pedals??

and bail $1,474 are kidding me I’ve had my bail higher than that every time I’ve gotten arrested, and while far from a decent human being my level of jackassism hasn’t yet risen to the level of international news (fear not there’s still time).

where was the mother in all this? Maybe she was this chick: A Good Woman is Hard to Find.

Now this may not look good for Louisiana, but at least we’re not Idaho. Billy Joe Madden does look like he is probably on the Livingston Parish city council, but at least he’s not a STATE SENATOR …..Police: State senator stole truck after drinking

Here again we have a dedicated public servant simply trying to teach a lesson about not leaving your keys in your car, and all people can do is harass him….

Apparently the driver, who deputies say was Senator John McGee, was trying to turn the rig around. Carleton’s sons then said the driver ran around the house and up and down the gravel road. Carleton found him in the back seat.

“He said he was looking for the promised land,” Carleton said. “He didn’t know where he was at. He was dazed and confused. He was in another world.”

Yes the “promise land” isn’t that what we are all looking for Johnny …. I guess we can rule out the Idaho State Senate and the back seat of a stolen truck as possible locations….

This only underscores the wisdom of our original protagonist , Mr. Madden,  because clearly the mistake Senator McGee made was not bringing along one of his small children to take the wheel when things got hairy.

Remember the designated driver is a life saver.


we’ll always have Paris

June 21, 2011 Leave a comment

I love the track so much the video and sound combined describe what it is like in my head most of the time.

and heres a throw back i love that always makes me think of Paris

love that one!

@kreayshawn you had me at “bitch you ain’t a barbie, I seen you work at arbys” *tear*

May 18, 2011 Leave a comment

hurry up I’m starving….

This is Kreayshawn she is a rapper. BUT she is also a video shooter -> edit0r -> director. This is her demo reel from the summer 2009 (kinda dated but what you gonna do) of course i love the song…

sometimes she is in videos

sometimes she gets interviewed with creepy dudes behind her

Rapper+shooter+editor+director+personality das a five tool playa. Whatever “it” is shes got some of it I think she has a chance.

A little fun “Fitz and the Tantrums”

Fitz and the tantrums

So I’ve been listening to this new sound (I heard about them on vh1….its hell getting old…last week). It’s pretty cool something with style and a little passion at the same time, refreshing…. although with the current state of the crap ass music industry it doesn’t take much to impress me these days….. at least it’s not some narcissistic bitch with no pants on pandering to weirdo angsty teenagers or some moron talking about their “swag”…..

From Zero to GHETTO in 1.25 seconds….

February 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Another reason to love Tosh, he just tweeted this video. I had seen this on Facebook a couple of years ago but could not find it anywhere (not that I looked too hard mine you). This basically sums up how I feel every time I go to Livingston Parish…..

which reminds me of this classic, I can’t believe the co-anchor finished the lead out to commercial with a straight face and even voice he must be some kind of zen Buddhist monk ….. or a robot…

and too round things out this…..people at fox news seem to be obsessed with dick….hmmmm…. the black cock helicopter was a true classic….. PAGING DR. FREUD.

I think this is a hit! agree?

November 14, 2010 1 comment

This is crazy good! It would be even better if Annie Mac wasn’t running her mouth and making noises like a retarded leprechaun over it, but c’est la vie we’ll take what we get.

Funny thing about Chromeo I’ve been listening to some of their stuff for a couple of years starting when Itunes just randomly recommended it to me (Bonafide loving, Fancy Footwork). At the time i just assumed they were some couple hit wonder band from the mid 80’s and I never thought about it again … until like a few months ago when I found out they are actually a contemporary band. Chromeo is good and all, but La Roux makes the song (just listen to the original without her). Elly Jacksons voice is so awesome it absolutely melts me when I hear it …. I know i’m seriously obsessed and its getting a little bit wierd and a little bit creepy, but what ya gonna do all in all a La Roux obseesion is not so bad compared to some obsession i’ve had so… “it is what it is” I wonder if the Mo-rons running the radio business will have the sense to put this on? I think it will be a hit if they do.

Err oh ya the track is called “Hot Mess” it was originally on the chromeo album (without Elly) I assume this will be released as a separate single.

I’m kinda feelin this one

November 7, 2010 Leave a comment

especially the rinse out at 3:40ish


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