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Now along with every thing else i have to worry about my internet browsers self esteam…..

Ironicaly when I was using ie7 I didn’t get this message i upgrade to ie9 and now my browser is out of date….. not sure how the math works on that one.


Seen on the Interweb This Week

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we’ll always have Paris

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I love the track so much the video and sound combined describe what it is like in my head most of the time.

and heres a throw back i love that always makes me think of Paris

love that one!

Mad Men Musing

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Some times it hard to know just what these mad men are thinking….

HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL yeah I was just thinking now that I got some Bat-trays if i only had a glue stick things would be prefect… a glue stick ….. really?!? I can guarantee you one thing never in the history of humanity has anyone done something they weren’t going to do anyway due to the seductive lure of a free….glue stick?!?!?!

MARketing fail ….. what the hell were you thinking. This had to be a joke by some low-level executives….

Interesting that the condoms and pregnancy test are in the same location in the store, not exactly a ringing endorsement for your product quality eh?

and this concludes the tutorial on how to waste time in the the drug store….

~Le Singe

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@kreayshawn you had me at “bitch you ain’t a barbie, I seen you work at arbys” *tear*

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hurry up I’m starving….

This is Kreayshawn she is a rapper. BUT she is also a video shooter -> edit0r -> director. This is her demo reel from the summer 2009 (kinda dated but what you gonna do) of course i love the song…

sometimes she is in videos

sometimes she gets interviewed with creepy dudes behind her

Rapper+shooter+editor+director+personality das a five tool playa. Whatever “it” is shes got some of it I think she has a chance.

A little fun “Fitz and the Tantrums”

Fitz and the tantrums

So I’ve been listening to this new sound (I heard about them on vh1….its hell getting old…last week). It’s pretty cool something with style and a little passion at the same time, refreshing…. although with the current state of the crap ass music industry it doesn’t take much to impress me these days….. at least it’s not some narcissistic bitch with no pants on pandering to weirdo angsty teenagers or some moron talking about their “swag”…..

From Zero to GHETTO in 1.25 seconds….

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Another reason to love Tosh, he just tweeted this video. I had seen this on Facebook a couple of years ago but could not find it anywhere (not that I looked too hard mine you). This basically sums up how I feel every time I go to Livingston Parish…..

which reminds me of this classic, I can’t believe the co-anchor finished the lead out to commercial with a straight face and even voice he must be some kind of zen Buddhist monk ….. or a robot…

and too round things out this…..people at fox news seem to be obsessed with dick….hmmmm…. the black cock helicopter was a true classic….. PAGING DR. FREUD.

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