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Mad Men Musing

Some times it hard to know just what these mad men are thinking….

HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL yeah I was just thinking now that I got some Bat-trays if i only had a glue stick things would be prefect… a glue stick ….. really?!? I can guarantee you one thing never in the history of humanity has anyone done something they weren’t going to do anyway due to the seductive lure of a free….glue stick?!?!?!

MARketing fail ….. what the hell were you thinking. This had to be a joke by some low-level executives….

Interesting that the condoms and pregnancy test are in the same location in the store, not exactly a ringing endorsement for your product quality eh?

and this concludes the tutorial on how to waste time in the the drug store….

~Le Singe

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