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I’m @#$%ing pissed…..

that’s right I’m extra frickin pissed right now and its time to let’er rip and get some things off my chest….

There is this guy at work that keeps calling me Bobby he has been doing it for years. Periodically I correct him but it’s like he doesn’t even know what I’m saying. The most resent time I corrected him he stared perplexed at me for like 30 sec. and then was like “….. oh I thought you were someone else…” 

I almost blew my top I was like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you didn’t think I was some one else …. you just CAN’T GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD THAT MY NAME IS  B   I  L   L   Y ”

For fuck sake I saw him in the cafeteria ten minutes ago … “hey bobby how you doing” …. me …”I’m fanfuckingtastic”. Now in this case I can say something that I rarely ever get to say and that is: I think the problem here is him and not me, really everything you need to know about this guys begins and ends with the fact that he wears a Members Only jacket on a regular basis … and not in an attempt to be on trend with the retro 80’s thing that’s going on ….. but in a I bought this jacket in 1985 and have been wearing consistently ever since type of way …. so clearly he is a little out of touch with “what’s going on”. I mean he is a nice guy and all but I still want to smack the shit out of him every time he calls me bobby. Maybe next time I’ll tell him “yes that s right it’s me bobby BUT just yesterday I got my name legally changed to Billy …..”





is up with all these god damn passwords I just counted and to do my work on, lets say a weekly basis, I need no less than 7……

yes 7

no I’m not kidding seven

S.  E.  V.  E.  N.

moutherfuckingsevengoddamn passwords. That is totally totally out of control. It’s not like we are holding the recipe for the secret damn sauce that’s on Big Mac‘s or something …. it’s the freaking highway department ….. the information on our computer systems make me want to stab myself in the eye … AND I’M GETTING PAID TO DEAL WITH IT there is no way that some teenager in eastern europe is going to waste their time trying to break in here……

Just to make things fun and add another level “HA HA” (nelson style) to the whole thing …. at least half of them have to be CHANGED EVERY MONTH ….

WAIT I’m lying …. and this is the  Pièce de résistance of the whole dirty Sanchez ….. you don’t have to change them every month you have to change them every 30 days

and why the hell did someone come up with the idea that all the months should have different number of days … can’t they all be the same except for February and then just make February what ever it needs to be to work things out ….. because really I’ve got enough problem without all this BS.

SO I feel much better now you can all return to your regularly scheduled programing………….

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  1. October 20, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    I agree you 100%. Suggestion make a huge sign for your office “TODAY I CHANGED MY NAME TO BILLY” at least that will help you in your office. Otherwise out in public don’t answer him when he calls you Bobby and eventually he will ask and tell him when he calls you by your proper name “Billy” and then you will answer him

  2. Wade
    October 20, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    And I thought I was the only member left!!!! Freaking SWEET!!!

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