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Add This to the WTF file

So I’m watching Discovery I.D. and there is a story on about how this old lady was brutally murder. They brought this one guy in and he is all like ” what you boys wanna talk about…”

and they were like “Ms. xxxxxx”

and he was like “…oh ya her …. I killed that lady”

Then they ask him for details and he starts telling the whole story ….. I was like, man that was easy, but then they were like the details he was telling us did not match with the crime ….. turns out it wasn’t him the cops were like ‘ya he was in bad shape he had been smoking crack and shooting Oxycontin‘.

This guys is hella lucky b/c most places as soon as he confessed the cops would be like “getta rope” they wouldn’t give a crap if he was the right guy just that the cases was solved..

and …. how wasted do you have to be to roll into the cop station and confess to a brutal murder you didn’t do….




I mean was he like this is going to be hilarious when I admit to this murder ….. oooooh I got you guys good

I’ve been wasted before, in about every way you can possibly imagine and I don’t think this thought has ever even crossed my mind … streaking or falling asleep at a stop light with your pants down is one thing, but falsely confessing to murder …. dude it’s definitely time for rehab, I’m pretty sure this is in the pamphlet “you might have a problem if ….. you’ve ever confessed to a brutal murder you didn’t do while wasted…..”

At least now a couple of years from now when he’s sitting around with his buddies they’ll have a good story … “hey T-bone remember that time you confessed to first degree murder….”

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