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I’m in Town to Play the Dolphins you Dumbass

did anyone at anytime think even for a second that he wasn’t coming back? Of course not.

So it’s that time of year again the college season started yesterday and the Fantasy Season starts next week. I’ve been catching a lot of ESPN and I’m super stoked to see that they now have Herm Edwards on staff. Ole Herm wasn’t the greatest head coach but he is one of the awesomest people ever and he has blessed us with this gem for the ages, which seems rather apropos at the moment:

And like everyone else the “Chupacabras” are locked and loaded and ready to go PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. Here is what big daddy is working with(not necessarily the order they were drafted in):

1.Frank Gore

2.Megatron Calvin Johnson

3.Tony Homo Romo

4.Jahvid Beast

5.Knowshow Moreno

6.Antonio Gates

7.Run DMC Darren McFadden

8.Caddilac Carnel Williams

9.Santana Moss

10.Derrick Mason

11.Philly D

12. David Buelher

13.Lee Evans

14.Bernard Berrian

15.Brent Celek

See you in the payoffs

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