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As if It were Donkey Kong!!

Good thing about this season is I have no expectations so to me the worst they can do is status quo. A lot of people are fired up saying how good they’re gonna be blah blah, all I’ve got to say it I’ve heard it before like last year … I’ll believe it when I see it. I remember some people in 2008 when Ryan Perrilloux got the boot trying to tell me that they’d been “hearing” Jarrett Lee was actually better than RP anyway……

As far as the game today I was really excited about it because it was finally a good season opener, and finally a good non conference game against a quality opponent. THEN North Carolina goes and suspends half their team including 8 starters and it’s reduced to the equivalent of another northern southwest Texas polytech …(you know “The Beavers”). Why does this suck, because now its reduce to a situation where either:

1. We blow them out which is a really boring game and we still won’t get much credit for it.


2. It’s a close game which is a bad sign for the rest of the season and will make everyone pissy, god forbid we actually lose … this won’t be a fun place to be. (note: I’m speaking of the general population, although I love going to and watching the games and am a big supporter of the university in general and hope they win every game, I’m beyond having my mood and general happiness being effected by the actions of 18 year olds…. on the football field …. on the stripper pole might be a different story …. just kidding … .)

All in all I’m still pretty stoked I like football season and fall is without a doubt my FAVORITE time of year so how bout it can we get a GEAUX TIGERS?!!!!!!!!!!!

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