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Mood Muzak

Lets try this again we had some difficulties yesterday

Atmospheric …. I promise I’ll be writing more actually blogs soon but I’m kind of Busy right now … so you’ll get this … and LIKE IT.

originally by “I blame CoCo” This is a remix by La Roux,  I think Elly did the remix by herself (obviously not her singing ofc) she added the sort of Caribbean sounding music to it. La Roux is my golden child of the music business ATM.

Sounds a lot like sting singing doesn’t it …. this chick… is stings daughter (i blame Coco). She sounds a lot …. I mean like A LOT like … like it got weird  a lot like, her dad …. not that’s there’s anything wrong with that…. still good tune. Lol Annie Mac says she has a really unique voice …. ummm no it’s the same voice as sting.

This one was Samantha Ronson (don’t ask) song of the day like a year and a half ago I’ve been rocking it ever since.

This is a GREAT song I’m amazed by how good it is every time I listen to it. I wonder why it never got more run. I could listen to this track over and over..

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