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Movie Review “City Of God” or “Cidade de Deus”

I saw an incredible movie earlier this week called “City of God” or “Cidade de Deus”. I have to say that this is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. On the box there is a review from Roger Ebert that says “this is one of the best films you will ever see” and when I was renting it I saw that and was like w/e. But I have to say it is pretty much right on. My Portuguese is a little rusty…  so that meant subtitles, which normally for me is a total deal breaker … the only movie I remember tolerating subtitle for was “Hard Boiled” and really there is not a lot of meaningful dialog in that. I did not mind the subtitles at all which is a testimony to how good this movie is. Overall i’d describe the movie as a combination of “Kids” and “Goodfellas” in which the whole is at least equal to the sum of its parts … which is saying something.

The movie tells the story of my of a young boy, who is the narrator, as he grows up in an extremely violent ghetto in Rio De Janeiro called “The City of God”. It is really more the story of the ghetto “The City of God” than the boy but really the two are intertwined perfectly. Unlike many movies of this type, is movie did not come off as moralizing bullshit it’s just a story. The storyline for this movie is good but not spectacular … BUT it, like any GREAT film, tells the story so spectacularly that it really doesn’t matter too much what the story was. The cinematography is amazing and the whole look, feel, and style of the movie is prefect. It really gives you the feel of being there and being immersed in the events. Honestly I think even the fact that it is in portuguese and has subtitles works because it helps it keep its raw edge and it “fits” with the almost stream of conscious way the story is told….

ok I suck at doing movie reviews so just GO RENT IT yourself you won’t regret it. I will give one caveat while not being and action movie per se it is a movie about a very violent place focusing specifically on the violent events that occur there it is necessarily a quite violent movie (not extreme or gratuitous) so if you don’t like, or can’t at least tolerate, violent movies then “City of God” is not for you.

~Le Singe

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