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It’s All Fun and Games Until … someone FAILS EPICALLY!!

As I said before I love int3rn3t culture and there is nothing more central to internet culture than the EPIC FAIL. So you can do the math …

Looking at a twitter topic #itsallfunandgamesuntil I discovered an epic fail which makes me very happy…

This chicks twitter name is “Tha anti BARBIE” (tha should have tipped me off) so i assume she is a nice young lady who is taking a stand against negative objectifing over sexualized stereotypes of woman. So I look at her profile and her avatar is nothing but a close up of her large most likely silicon engorged breast …..

*Tha Anti BARBIE*

This defiantly says “anti barbie to me…”  Twitter name fail … OR maybe fun with irony WIN!! (win being the int3rn3t culture antonym for fail)

But this is childs play … In baseball you have the New York Yankees, in banking Goldman Sachs, in basketball the Lakers and the Celtics, and in Failure you have The Failblog go there early and often…

   epic fail photos - Spelling FAIL

Now here’s a few of my own.


[tweetmeme source=1billy1 only_single=false]

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