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Back !! foto essay

So some times you get to a point where you just have to head out on the highway and

I headed out to pass through Louisville on my way to Nashville

apparently Art Deco is big in L-ville …. not that I have a problem with this:
IMG_0505 done

IMG_0504 done

Louisville seemed like a nice place but I was not there for long. They have a little night spot called “4th Street”, It was a bit “corporate” kind of like one of the night spots you would see in Disney World so It lacked the character of 6th street (which suspect might be it’s namesake) or Bourbon street. But it was nice and had several night clubs and restaurants with a atrium in-between I only walk though so I can’t really say any more than that.

Now it was time to mount up and ride out to claim my rightfully due fame and fortune from a whirlwind country music career, so I headed to Nashville.

Nashville is a WicKeD place
IMG_0514 s1

With lots of interesting people ….
not sure if the drapes matched the rug, but they defiantly matched the jeans!

And the worlds largest wireless router.

Some one working in city planning in Nashville has a sense of hummor!

I hit broadway to get a feel for the local surroundings and find some hook ups to get my music career started.


As my career kicked off I got lots of advice

But it wasn’t helping so I decided to go straight to the source … Hank Williams!

Hank was a swell fellow and he had great stage costumes I got a picture of my favorite:
IMG_0544 - Copy

He gave me some good advice and at the end of our talk he told me

Right around this time it became clear to me that the life of a country musician was not for me

then walking home I saw
Not sure where the 40 thieves where and I wasn’t going to hang around to find out so I packed up my bag and stole away in the night back to Baton Rouge.

At least Hank and I will always have August in Nashville….

As far as my Country music career this pretty much sums it up…

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  1. chereefranco
    September 17, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Love your photo essay…the church/gay street pic made me laugh aloud!

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