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Soooooo Sarah Palin and Katy Gosselin are going camping together ….

no it’s not the start of a joke …. It’s something that’s actually happening WHAT THE F#$ IS UP WITH THAT S$%^ FKQ[HFGO[IWERHCGPW[IEGH,XFI][XWJN]EF
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Kate Gosselin Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin, Kate Gosselin & Kids Going Camping Together?

One reason to watch ‘Kate Plus 8′: Sarah Palin may be taking Kate and the eight kids camping in Alaska. Kate and Sarah, incidentally, were both named among Barbara Walters’ ten most fascinating people of 2009. Palin’s tv show will be airing on TLC, just like Gosselin’s, so perhaps it’s synergy at work.

In Touch Weekly reports:

Forget ex-husband Jon–Kate Gosselin could rename her TLC hit Sarah & Kate Plus 8! In Touch can exclusively reveal that Kate and her brood have traveled to Alaska with cameras in tow to meet up with the northern state’s most famous resident, Sarah Palin. “Sarah, Kate and the kids will go camping,” a source says, adding that Sarah’s father, a retired science teacher, and brother, a third-grade educator, will conduct a hands-on natural history lesson for 9-year-old twins Mady and Cara, and 6-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Joel, Collin, Leah, Hannah and Alexis. A mother of a big family herself, former vice presidential candidate Sarah is thrilled about the upcoming visit. “She’s excited because it will be fun and educational for the children. Sarah will even teach Kate how to avoid bears!” the insider adds.

My brain is currently making the noise my last computer made right before smoke started bellowing out the back of it……

what the …. This must mean that Sarah can’t possibly be still planning on running for president can she …. I mean you can’t go on a reality show with Kate Gosselin and then turn around and run for president. And Sarah has her own show … A reality show ….

I can’t for the life of me figure this out ….

She thinks she is going to look presidential by teaching Kate plus 8 to avoid bears (p.s. avoiding bears is actually pretty easy stay the fuck out the woods).

Maybe she is just trying to send a message to Bristol by having all these kids up there, letting her know that if she doesn’t step in line that her and her son are expendable … Kate could have an “accident” real easy and next thing you know Sarah is restocked with kids …

I honestly don’t think TLC understands what type of risk they are taking … Sarah seems to be pretty tough, in an unbelievably self-centered way, but tough none the less …. And Kate Gosselin had 6 freakin kids AT THE SAME TIME so it goes without saying.

You put these two together and send them out in the woods and its going to be like two pitbulls …. one of them ain’t coming back from camp CooCoo-sucka-mongo.

Well as the say C’est la vie I trustthat talk soup and/or Tmz will let me know how this turns out and as soon as I know I’ll tell you.

~Le Singe
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