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As i was saying …. future ex-hurricane Bonnie

Update: from Da Masta’s Dr. Jeff Masters most recent blog

Tropical Depression Three is steadily organizing, and appears poised to become a much stronger storm than was forecast.


My low-confidence intensity forecast gives TD 3 a 40% chance of becoming a hurricane. NHC is putting the odds of TD 3 being a hurricane at 8 am Sunday at 15% with their 11am advisory, but may up this with the 5pm advisory.

and the place on the gulf coast with the highest strike probability is ….. New Orleans …

we are all totally F#$%ed

P.S. if you know me and you live in inland Texas now would be a good time to start getting the guest bed room ready … just saying …. hurricane hits Le Singe means Hurricane Le Singe hits you …. This thing will be TS Bonnie by the end of the day …. and I ain’t talking bout Trans Sexual…

And what kind of name is Bonnie … at least Katrina sounded Slavishly evil and Gustav Teutonicly aggressive …. Bonnie sounds like she might show up with potato salad …

Preparing to run like a girl primate

~Le Singe

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