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its happening again …..

First let me say this i copied this from the Weather Underground hurricane section so as the maps and models there update this image should update so if you see this 2 days from now and the storm is headed for Greenland or somewhere in southern Mexico don’t be like WTF ….

Secondly I’ve decided, actually I have a standing decision since 2008, that if there is a hurricane I’m getting the hell outa dodge from before the storm gets here till after I have phone confirmation, from someone I trust, that the power is back on at mi casa …. so Le Singe maybe taking a little vacation pretty soon.

Checking with my magic 8-ball sources I feel this storm will strengthen slowly to borderline TS/TD hit Florida and enter the Gulf, it will become a hurricane (hurricane Bonnie) in the Gulf the only question will be where will it make landfall. If it takes a more northerly course it will go right into the panhandle and will be less severe maybe only a Tropical Storm. The problem comes in if it stays more south, not only will this make it hit Louisiana it will also take it over the heart of the loop current which typically causes rapid intensification.

Do they general area and shape (i.e. double curves ess shape look familiar? its a loop wait till it goes back to the beginning  8/24 and watch it through)

And just to throw this out there I saw a presentation post katrina, that found that Katrina was not the worst case senerio becasue when it hit it was traveling essientually due north. A storm that is traveling in a more east to west direction (as these models show now) is worse.

Le Singes Hurricane tips

1. Leave town

2. Leave town

3. Leave …………..

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