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Again with the Randemonium

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Rachel Uchitel Goes to ‘Rehab’ … for a Price
I wish someone would have paid me $500,000.00 to go to rehab. Hell If it didn’t require me to start drinking and doing drugs again I’d go to rehab again for that, I’m sure there’s plenty going on with ole Le Singe that needs rehabbing …. maybe they should do a “gold diggers” rehab …. maybe if I screwed a professional golfer first. Pikachu I choose U

Then again it’s not like most people have the purest of motives in going to rehab myself included, but yet here we are over ten years later and I’ve been a continuously sober primate so I guess you never know. Therefore I will begrudgingly wish her luck.
Lindsay Lohan Thinks Jail Isn’t a Done Deal
*Makes popcorn pulls up comfortable chair* this should get pretty good over the next few days. According to my watch we closing in on the “train wreck starlet attempts to fake her own death to avoid jail” phase. Lindsey has thus far been nothing if not flamboyant and creative in handling this situation so I’m interested to see how she will choose to pull off this phase of the process. Also I love how like E online is like having a count down … she’s just going to the county for like 3 weeks they are not executing her for the love of god get a grip.

Jeremy London — Needs More Than ‘Celeb Rehab’

How freaking bad off do you have to be to be

….beyond the kind of help “Celebrity Rehab” can provide.

That’s got to be pretty bad, like impressively bad. If you’re beyond the point where VH1 can exploit help you your pretty much at the end of your rope. Maybe try sleeping with Tiger Woods then reapplying?

Ryan Seacrest cleared up rumours this morning that Jennifer Love Hewitt was going to be the next Bachelorette. She will not be. He could be sure of this because Ryan Seacrest himself will be the next Bachelorette …. I mean look at these guys on the bachelorette…

Frank Neuschaefer headshot

If this guys straight then I’m Abe Lincoln.

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