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Damit I got busted, Houston we have a problem … problems actually

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Bears Have Skills

I could have sworn no one was around when I was doing this.

So this is going to be a confessional of sorts and the first thing to confess is one of my guilty pleasures is celebrity blind items. So in light of this I have a blind item for you:

Which A list celebrity bridge engineer recently had his water turned off because he forgot to pay the bill?

Why the hell do I not have in auto withdrawn? There really is no good reason for this …. Luckely I’m prepared for this from my college life and I know whenever the water is off you got one good flush left, use it wisely. It’s not so bad sometimes you need to piss off the porch just to let everyone know where you at ….. hell sometimes I piss off the porch just because I CAN!! It’s all about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness eh?

This type of plant is called a “cast iron plant” because it supposedly it can live through almost anything …. who ever came up with that name clearly had not experienced the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is my yard.

Speaking of my yard while I was doing yard work on Monday my lawn mower shot a rock through the window of my neighbors car …. I can’t help but think this is karma giving me the dreaded “rear admiral”.

According to the traffic cameras around town I’m some sort of arch freaking criminal on a wild crime spree ….

I’ve been doing some cooking lately

Apparently this wasn’t the kind of plastic you can put in the oven *facepalm*

oh well you know you know what they say

or as I like to put it

over and out

~Le Singe

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