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Riddle me This World Cup Addition

Ok I’m trying to understand this soccer thing and I’m not sure I “get it”. Supposedly the german team doesn’t really have any of the very top players in the world … at least that’s what the announcers said and they speak with british accents which means they know everything about soccer. Supposedly the English and the Argentinian teams were full of superstar’s, but yet the german team absolutely pistol whipped both of them (wood shedded even). The only things I notice are:

1. The Germans seem to be able to get the ball from the mire in middle field up to a shot on goal incredibly quickly. Quicker than most teams, they seem to play a more vertical game, but yet not really (to burrow a hockey phrase) sloppy dump and chase style. Other teams do it more methodically giving the defence more time to consolidate and organize.

2. One thing that’s impressed me watching the world cup is a lot of players seems to choke when they have the ball in close. The American team was the absolute worst at this, how many times did I see them in close with a chance only to meekly hit it to the goalie or miss the goal by 20′ or whatever. For some reason the german players seem much more than any other team I’ve seen, to be able to take the ball in the offensive end especially right close in and control it, shot it, or pass it with great confidence and calmness. Being under control like this seems to give them great shots and lots of goals. They are able to CLOSE THE DEAL with great skill. Where as other teams, America in particular could do everything but not close the deal.

Okay someone break it down for me and leave comments P.S. obviously I don’t know shit about soccer so someone explain to me why the german team is so good? Why the whole is greater than the sum of its parts?

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