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This I do NOT need

 *** NOTE: when I posted this the NOGAP model had it coming right up the “gut” of Louisiana but the 2:00pm up date has changed so my post does not make so much sense anymore sorry.**** 



Lets just all hope the NOGAPS model is full of crap b/c if it’s accurate then it goes directly over mi casa, actually slightly to the west of my house putting me directly in the North East eyewall *FML*. Well it’s that time of year again and if you don’t live in Louisiana or Florida or Mississippi you probably don’t give a crap, but trust me after a tree falls on your house you will. I’m mainly making this post to recommend a website which I think is awesome and that is the Weather Underground: Tropical Weather site this site is far and away without any question the best site for Hurricanes bar none …


This Kind of Hurricane



Not this kind of hurricane



We are of course speaking of the former rather than the latter. Gratefully I’ve found that the latter obeys the DSNSWBNS rule (Don’t Start No Shit Won’t Be No Shit) if I don’t drink them I don’t have the problems that come from drinking them (In addition to the usually drunk problems that red stuff will NEVER come off of your cloths and will take days if not weeks to come off your lips mouth tongue and if your like I was fingers nose etc.) The former couldn’t careless about DSNSWBNS One of the very best features of this site is Dr. Jeff Masters (aka Da Masta) blog. Da Masta is without a doubt the sexiest guy in hurricanes since Max Mayfield retired. To early to tell with this one it’s not even big enough to be named but its worth watching.   

Le Singe

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