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Spunday Video roundup thoughts

I like to wake up when I still want to sleep and go lay on the couch and drift in and out of consciousness all the while grunting groaning and scratching myself like some sort of wild beast …. at the same time I watch videos. So this is my report from the front:

I’m feeling this new Big Boi:

that car is simply put O-some, but of course it is, it’s the Outkast they are simply the best there has ever been and most likely ever will be. I also like this track he did with Janelle Monae (that’s a great name):

Don’t know too much about Janelle Monae I like some of her stuff and some not so much, but this one defiantly gets off, ya’Urd Meh:

Dear “self” Thanks for wearing this shirt in the first ten seconds of your video.

Because that shirt screams out I suck and I’m about to go off on some emo pop tangent …. but popping up in that shirt 5 seconds in you saved me from wasting my time watching the video and possibly from throwing up in my mouth a little.

Dear Greenday,

RE: your new video, when it gets to the point where your video is just your band set up out in the desert somewhere playing with some chicks walking around that means it’s time to hang’um up. Seriously …. Warrent called from 1989 and told me to tell you that’s lame …. and if you’re gonna have dancing chicks … if you’re gonna go that route, then we want hoochies in thongs don’t half ass it, If I wanted to see emo chick flaying around then I’d go to the highschool down the street …. now where did I leave my binoculars (not so serious plz don’t call the cops).

Dear B.o.B,

I’ve edited your video so it is better watch it I think you’ll get the point

When you get home there will be a loaded pistol laying on the counter you’ll know what to do.

P.S. plz go outside first so you don’t get blood on the carpet.

Lastly I bet you didn’t know I was a Producer, here is a video I did with Robyn. I’m on the drums in the beginning and various dancing through out.

EDIT: ok it should work now

lol she’s like the female flava flava she’s rhyming shit that don’t rhyme, and somehow more or less pulling it off.

Ok play times ovah chit-rens I’m fitten ta be up out this bitch … talk to you after awhile

Le Singe

P.S. comments KKTHXBAI

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