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Drinking + Soccer = Bad …. BUT IT’S THE WORLD CUP BRO…

ummmmkay so ya the world cup was entertaining to watch ….. I’ve been watching as much of it as a gainfully employed primate can. And of course we all wanted the team to win but dude GET A F#$%ING GRIP it’s soccer. Maybe the best time to be interview to be on the news is not after you’ve drunken away your dignity. Ironically this seems to be the time when you desire to be interview by the new the most. I was waiting for him to grab the mic out of the reporters hand and be like “…WHERE GOING STREAKING EVERYONE FOLLOW ME TIMES SQUARE NOW WE GOING STREAKING”. Frankly this makes me feel grateful because lord knows it could have been me, except it wouldn’t have been as funny because at least he wasn’t so bad off that only other people on the same level could understand him. Luckey back when I was a drinker there was no YouTube. Whats awesome for this guy and what is so great about our modern culture is a little sloppy drunkenness has instantly catapulted him to the level of national hero and made him more famous than anyone on the US soccer team.

You know somehow I can’t seem to get out of my mind that I know this guy from somewhere ….

A doubly anointed internet hero …. as they say some guys got all the luck.


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