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This will never get old…. NEVER!!

So it’s sunday and the specter of having to work tomorrow is looking over your shoulder, maybe your world cup team lost, and whatever else might be going wrong in your world. In times like this we all look to something for comfort. Some people like ice cream and cake, others morphine and scotch. But I eat ice cream and cake regardless of mood, and several years ago I had to turn my back on the whole morphine and scotch thing. So me, I have to look to the true classics for a beacon in the dark hallways of life. Because I’m such a swell fellow I will now present you something that is a surefire way to buoy your fragile psyche:

Probably more than a few people throughout the english speaking world saying this right now.

Enjoy it savior it … you’ll thank me later I assure you.

~Le Singe

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