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I almost had a heart attack …. As you know I’ve been somewhat critical of Jeremy London recently (justifiably so), and although I knew I had seen his face before I wasn’t really sure who he was. I’m sure I must have watched “Party of Five” some since I had a thing for Neve Campbell when I was like 14 or 15 ish but I don’t remember Mr. London and I’ve never even heard anything else he has been in. BUT yesterday it popped in to my where I thought I knew him from and this caused my near heart attack. I was really freaking out till goggle saved me by informing me that Jeremy has a twin brother (aka Jason London) and Jeremy was ‘not the droid I was looking for’.

So why was it I was freaking out? Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you this:

RANDALL "PINK" FLOYD!!! .... alright, alright alright....


HOLY crap I thought for a second that I might have insulted RANDALL “PINK” FLOYD …. Thank god Jason London and not Jeremy London played this role ….. Because no matter what’s happened certain people have earned a life time pass … no matter what (child molestation being one of the few exceptions …. Especially if you were to essentially build an amusement park in your back yard to lure children in… but that’s another story for another time). And Randall “pink” Floyd is one of those people with a life time pass. It’s kinda like no matter how much of a total douche bag Matthew Broderick  has become you can’t say anything because ….. THAT’S MOTHER F$%&ING FERRIS BUELLER …. You can’t say shit he’s covered for life … don’t mess with him or he’ll go all Abe Frollmen “Sausage king of Chicago” on you.

Another example would be that I’ve seen on the internet some people ragging on Aretha Franklin because she wore the same outfit out to a couple of “events” or some such bullshit …. This one really takes the cake …. Are you kidding me ARETHA FRANKLIN and some jackasses on the internet are giving her shit about what she wears? There’s no class in the world anymore it’s the Queen of soul she gets to wear whatever the hell she wants. You should be grateful she showed up at your horse shit event at all. She could go to the Grammys butt ass naked …. with a dew rag on …. Interrupt Taylor Swift …. And take a giant dump (literally) on the podium …. Then tell everyone to kiss her ass and walkout …. AND it doesn’t matter not at all not even a little so just STFU. It’s AREATHA GOD DAMN FRANKLIN … R .. E .. S …… YOU KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT MOTHER F#*&ERS ….  

At least one twin in the London family is good unlike the Olsen twins who appear to be in a life long struggle to outdo each other in feats of douchery. Why are they still famous that show was over a loooong time ago …. Uncle Jesse isn’t still famous Bob Saget  isn’t even famous anymore he’s worked since that show AND invented the “CUT – IT – OUT” gang sign…. The show wasn’t even that good and they played themselves AS babies and toddlers. I understand babies are cute and all but IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON….

And speaking of twins …. On the way home I meet this curious fellow and I had to stop and take a picture: 

First thing he did was ask me for money …. then he went into some long story about how he was kidnapped and forced to do drugs and hand out alcohol ….. I was like “no dice”. Craziest thing is this turns out to be Optimus Prime’s lesser know deadbeat twin brother Notsooptimus Prime.

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