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Get Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Iron Man’ Body

Saw this headline when I firde up the interwebz today it was one of the main headlines on MSN. This is interesting b/c it could be interpreted in more than one way ….. hell I’ll take two

This is my spirtual motivation for making it through another day in this cool cruel world


Why are they even arguing about letters and drug test etc. (Here). Sorry but if you don’t have the good sense to not have tattoos like that on your NECK; you don’t get to be trusted around children  **FACT**, that’s just the way life works it’s all about tradeoffs. Now I know you’re what you’re saying “Le Singe people can change wahwahwah” and to that I reply “Mon peuple, yes it is true people can change, BUT is it not also true tattoo’s can be removed?” Frankly the best demonstration that she is returning to a point of sanity and stability necessary to be responsible is she will have those tattoos removed. All about the trade offs….

  ummmmm….. WTF …. did she wake up late and just stick her feet into two beer cozy’s and roll out? Did she not have rain shoes so she just cut the toes out of her daughter’s galoshes so she could get her foot into it? I guess when you’re about to come into $750,000,000.00 you really don’t have to give a f$%$ anymore…. but frankly I’m pretty low on the ole giving a F*&% meter and just as form follow function, Comfort follows not giving a F&#% ….. and those don’t even look comfortable, who knows what the hell’s going on here.

I'm glab to be blogging again


Don’t be shy to leave comments …. DEW it … DEW it now!

~Le Singe

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