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again with the monday……

this site is pretty freaking great….. http://unhappyhipsters.com/ I always love finding great sites like this if you know more feel free to leave comment or get in touch with my “people” (aka facebook or twitter).

“House shark….Just when you thought it was safe to ride your bike in the whitefolk neighborhood again..”

So here we are its Monday morning we’re all back to letting to neon light suck our life force out to make a few more dollars for the man….oil is gushing unabated into the marsh lands of our state….Jimmy Dean died, I’ll never be able to eat a sausage biscuit the same again……tom cruise didn’t die…..and when I walked outside this morning it was soooo hot it knocked me back into the house. ***seriously how can it be so hot so early in the day and so early in the year (if anyone says global warming I’ll kick you in the shin) can we get a little volcanic winter action going on or maybe another one of those ice ages…something

Basically we are all in need of something to help us out this morning…..I’ve got just the trick SIDE BOOB…yes we allllll know side boob we all love side boob…everyone….I’m sure even gay men love side boob because it’s well…..side boob. Side boob has inspired me so much this morning that not only have I risen above the afore mentioned malaise I’ve even decided to attempt to take my rightful place next to Samuel Johnson, Merion Webster, and Flava Flava by creating my own phrase thus bettering all of the English speaking people of the world. With the aid of my assistant Ms. Lohan, I’d like to present my creation to you, Lindsay if you would be so kind…

Inside boob…..drool******…yes inside boob it’s like side boob VIP. Its 100% pure awsome mixed with win…..use its power to make it through another manic monday….

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