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Bring that beat back….BOI


been working long hours last few days engineering like mofo and that means lots of time under the headphones….bye the bye I got those noise canceling supagansta bose headphones….so here is my songs of right now: 

Can’t even get this one on iTunes…takes me way back to like ’94 drinking 40s of the crooked I and mobbin deep in my Plymouth horizon….have you ever been in a Cadillac with triple gold’s? 

Been loving these guys stuff since they blew up earlier this year. It think it’s cause they got a rawness to their sound and so much of the music these days is so over produced sounding. It sounds good to hear something like this. Kinda like the click “down and dirty” the original independently produced version sounded much better than when they rereleased it on a major label. I guess through the whole first half of the ’90s stuff sounded really raw and we got tired of that and moved to more clean sounding stuff, and started raving and listing to house/break beat. Now it’s time to move back in the other direction. 

Imo rap has totally jumped the shark in the last 5 maybe more years. There used to be rap which was good and music we used to call slow jams (I refuse to call it R&B, R&B is Al Green, James Brown, Marvin Gay, Etta James, Aretha etc.). Slow jams was not really my thing but some of it was good and a lot of ppl liked it. But at some point someone decided to cross the streams and combine slow jams and rap and come up with this ‘glam rap’ for lack of a better term, and frankly its sucks. Hell now they even go the paramore chick singing on a track….and crap like that billionaire song which is so terrible it’s pathetic…..California Gurlz, bitch please it should be a sound track to a Barbie commercial….there has to be better stuff out there. 

I was on this one a while ago, but just heard it again today. Nothing special about it, it’s just your basic pop rock song, but it’s a really good tune. Personal I don’t care what genre it is if it’s a great tune I like it. I say I listen to it and if it rawks I rock it!!

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