Todays the day

Went in the field at work today. There was a wreck on the road and we were stopped for like 30 minutes and got out of the truck and walked around a bit while doing so I took the above picture. Then we got back in the car and of course the whole time i was like RawR RawR RawR what the hell….why can’t the fire trucks and the ambulance just take up half the road….why don’t the cops quit sitting around and direct traffic….blah….blah. The guy in the truck with me was like it has been awhile maybe someone died…………………..boom……………….I only ever think about how anything effects me…..What am I in such a hurry to do…..always about getting there or being done with that….but really It’s so much more about being where i’m at which is always just where im supposed to be….so why would I hurry…..It’s so much better when I don’t

Did some one die or get hurt in the wreck….I don’t know….its as unknow to me as the story of this sign what was it before it was this rusted broke down shell of is former self…..maybe I’ll try to think less about the future and the past and myself…..maybe that will be better maybe even a little more “PURE”…..then when we got to the site right next to the bridge was this…

who knows why or when but it is a little reminder, and i’m no fanatic……I’m thinking much more broadly than that maybe a reminder that there is something beyond us but involved with us and maybe I really am pure ly always just where I’m supposed to be…………it made me smile!

ok now i’m going to go out side and video tape a plastic bag blowing around in the wind ; ) lol…..CYAS

~Le Singe

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