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Fashionably late!!

Sooooo……I think I’ll give the ole blogging think another try…..of course you know what happened the last two times I said that…..w/e that’s all in the past. IT’S A NEW DAY and it’s time to turn over a new page on what’s bound to be another ultimately unsuccessful attempt at blogging so let’s GIT-R-DONE shall we.

I’m sure you noticed the title and the reason for that is I’ve decided to become a fashion blogger…..

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!……obviously I’m the most unfashionable person on the face of the earth….BUT….there are a few things I need to get off my chest.

As I’m sure you know the Japanese Prime Minister resigned last week. Supposedly it was over some deal with an US Air force base, but all I’ve got to say is YOUR NOT FOOLING ANYONE:

Seriously….are you kidding me…..you can’t run a waffle house wearing that shirt much less a major country. Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting Japan forced him to resign because he was seen on international TV wearing the Amazing Techno Colored Dream FLANEL SHIRT. What I am suggesting is Japanese tradition forced him to commit ritual suicide because he wore that shirt while representing his nation on international TV. He was forced to resign because some people felt his being dead might get in the way him doing his job….then again from what I’ve seen out of governments worldwide recently it might have actually been better…..

Least we get to cocky ourselves remember this could be our next president…………….

….Some things actually make ritualistic suicide seem not so bad……there is not enough cyanide in the world to deal with a commander and chief that wears Ed Hardy…..at least if the politics thing doesn’t pan out she can make a seamless transition into pitching her idea for a “real housewives of Alaska”

Its bad enough we have to deal with this guy:

See here jackass you’re talking about an oil spill and possible war in the middle east and Korea YOU CAN’T DO THAT WEARING A LIME GREEN FUCKING TIE…..#$%# #^%#$^# mother @#%$@#$…..SERENITY NOW….again a dead leader really wouldn’t be that bad we’d get about as much done as we are now and since…..dead people, in my experience, tend to be less image conscious than the living,  they don’t need these dapperly styled spin sessions….. we wouldn’t have to put up with assholes like this who apparently dressed himself….to go on INTERNATION TV AND TALK ABOUT SERIOUS SHIT…..while having a flashback. If you’re trying to sell me a used car then fine I got no problem with that tie but the GOVERNMENT is supposed to project it’s self in a different light than A FREAKIN USED CAR SALES MAN. It’s like bozo the clown informing you your grandma died….bozo was a hell of a clown but some things just have a time and place……and giving a contentious press conference  about serious stuff is not the time or the place for a LIME FUCKING GREEN TIE.

I’ve been hearing Miley Cyrus getting a lot of crap in the media lately for dirty dancing, kissing girls, and other all around skankyness. So I think I need to take a moment to remind everyone of something:

So let me say this outloud so I can get it straight in my head….this guy is wearing a leather tuxedo jacket that I think he made out of his baby mama’s couch with a bow tie, tuxedo shirt, a cummerbund and…..drum roll….JEANS!!! YEEEMUTHAFUCKINGHAWWW!!!! And to top it all off he’s got one of the greatest mullets of all TIME. This photo is represents a truly great moment in the cultural history of our nation….it should be placed alongside the “American gothic” and the Andy Warhol soup can thing.

Now I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the woman that chose to procreate with this refined gentleman is not exactly Grace Kelly or Jackie O. So it’s kind of like what Jeff Foxworth said “….when you combine raw sewage with stagnate pound water you don’t end up with Evian…”. Don’t blame Miley it’s not her fault. Frankly the fact she has managed to remain childless up to the legal age of consent is a major victory.

Never the less it’s only a matter of time till she’s bald headed and beating on someone’s car with an umbrella….bad for her….but good for the rest of us since the cast of Jersey Shore can only stay out of trouble long enough to give us one maybe two more seasons and I will need something else to make me feel better about myself after that….

And lastly I will end on a positive note and a positive fashion comment. I’ve been intrigued by La Roux ever since seeing the video and getting Bulletproof stuck in my head. So looking at her/their website I followed a link to what turns out to be her stylist’s blog (her name is Nova Dando www.novadando.com) and quickly realized that she ts without a doubt the raddest person evah, if you doubt that I present you with this:

Here she is captured by paparazzi running late to a meeting or some such (i.e. candid not a photo shoot). I’m not being sarcastic I love to see creative people do their thing and frankly working as an engineer and therefore with a bunch of engineers we could really use a little of this in our work place.

So that is all, hopefully it won’t be another year before I update again….

as ever,

Le Singe


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