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So what the hell am I supposed to do with this…

Ok first of all last week I heard PYT on the radio 3 times in a 24 hour period and that is a good thing….and honestly I’ve been a fan of a lot of Michael Jackson’s music (and not just starting when he took the dirt nap) PYT, Human nature, smooth criminal, and all the Jackson 5 stuff. Furthermore I would not wish anyone dead b/c that, according to what I believe, is up to god; and I would not be happy that someone is dead.

But with all that being said I think it is total disgusting the way people are celebrating Michael Jackson. People say who cares about his personal life, or that’s not our business…I’m sorry but when your “personal life” involves RAPING CHILDREN it’s no longer YOUR personal life it becomes everyone’s business.

I here people saying so he was a little crazy or a little weird, but so what, and this is part of the problem. Lets speak plainly here HE RAPED YOUNG CHILDREN….HE SEXUALLY ASSALTED LITTLE CHILDREN FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN HIS OWN SEXUAL GRATIFICATION pedophilia is not ‘crazy’ pedophiles know exactly what they are doing, and are aware that it’s is outside of the boundaries of what society allows. MJ may have been a little crazy in some respects and was certainly very weird, and if this was all it was I would be celebrating his life right along with you, but it’s not he obviously also had server personality disorders which resulted in him….and I can stress this enough….RAPING CHILDREN. Personality disorders may describe certain behaviors but they are no excuse for diminished capacity and diminished responsibility of the offender (like being legit crazy can be).

I know this is going to piss people off, and the thing disturbs me the most is the most common response I will get to this is “HE WAS THE KING OF POP”.

I didn’t realize we had so many Nietzsche followers out there bringing back the idea of the Übermensch. Like a 21st century online wireless Übermensch where if someone entertains us taking our minds off our own lives if only for a moment then they are a superman and the rules of ordinary morality don’t apply to them…..If you’re the “king” of pop then you are outside of the moral rules…..BULLSHIT….allow me to point out that Neitzsche was bat shit crazy and died in the freaking nut house, which may well be the path our society is headed….

And lest I mention remember the last society that glorified the Ubermensch, regardless of what you think of them or their morality (obviously I hope most of you are disgusted by them), but lets strictly look at how it worked out for them: The Ubermensch set out to conquer and colonize the Untermensch committing atrocities on a previously unimaginable scale. Justifying it all in the name of extraordinary times and extraordinary leaders do not have to follow normal moral codes. As I’m sure we all remember in the end the Ubermensch was crushed by the untermensch. Making you wonder who in fact was uber are who was unter, but actually it really showed that mr. Lincoln was correct in his saying “Right makes Might’ (as opposed to the ubermensch’s asertion that “might makes right”). And basically to sum up what I was trying to say in this long and impossible to understand paragraph is I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK IF YOU ARE THE KING OF POP OR THE QUEEN OF DONUT’S OR WHAT THE FUCK EVER IT’S NOT OK TO RAPE ANY ONE PARTICULARLY CHILDREN.

The guy was clearly an incredibly talented musician, and maybe one of the best dancers ever. And this rant isn’t even against him he is 6ft. In the cold cold ground it’s more an expression of the fact that it scares the crap out of me that apparently being the “king of pop” some how absolves you of responsibility for sexually assaulting kids. I mean come on this is the guy that took “have candy get in the van” to a whole nother level by building a fantasy ranch at his freaking house (stole that from a FB comment I saw) and you’re running around worshipping him like he is some kind of hero…and he hadn’t done shit other that little boys in 15 years the “king of pop” died along time ago my god it seems like the whole world has gone mad with this.

If your excuse really is I don’t care what he did then I’m sorry but you are pathetic, you should care whether or not people use and abuse defenseless kids for their own twisted sexual gratification if you don’t care about that really what is that saying about you…..

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