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Give me a freakin break

You’re not fooling anyone:
‘American Idol’ Kings Got a 21 Stripper Salute

Look I have no idea, and really don’t care if these two ‘putt from the ruff’ and whether they like to ‘shag balls’ together or not. I think the show they are on is rotting to fabric of Western civilization and for that reason I hope they both die a horrible and painful death asap. But as far as their personal lives and which team they play for or whatever I could careless about it . But this article is so obviously contrived it is funny.

The owner of Stringfellows gentleman’s club told us R & S — who have been to the club before — were

see not gay they’ve been to this strip club before!!…………..

The owner said the girls love it when R & S show up, because they’re “great guys … and extremely generous.” As for private dances — we’re told the boys always keep it classy and stay out of the champagne room.

this whole article sounds like it was written by an attorney “we got to do something to show they like the women so that means strip club but we’ve got to be careful not to offend the soccer moms so lets throw this in”. I mean did they download some do it yourself publicist app for their Iphone. You select from a list and pick the item ‘combat rumors that we are puffs’ and it auto generates and mails out a press release……since when is going to a strip club something you publicize, isn’t it more of a DL type thing…..and what strippers love guys that don’t get private dances isn’t that where they make their money….what dude is going to be ‘extremely generous’ with the dancers and not try to at least get a hand job in the champagne room….oh I know dudes trying to combat rumors that they are co host with benefits…..

(Note: I’m not endorsing trying to get hand jobs in the champagne room…but if the morality thing is the issue what are you doing at the titty bar in the first place…I mean if you’re there any other time than say a friends bachelor party or maybe a salesman with clients or something, then you’re there to take as much as you can get.)

Again I could careless if these two are co-host with benefits, I have no idea what team they are on, and I would not think less of them if they are, BUT this stunt and the way it is written up has the exactly opposite of its intended effect. It definitely makes it look like they are hinding something even more than before. If you’re going to play the publicity manipulation game, come with something a little stronger than this ‘leave it to beaver goes to the titty bar’ garbage.

EDIT: their pushing it even further….still not buying it this is a truly desperate move…

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