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I was going to type a new blog but on my way over here I stumbled upon this, and now I have no idea what i was going to write about or what my name is or what day or even year it is…./drool. I’ve always liked heather graham And I’m glad to see that she is not working a the moonlight bunny ranch or something since she has been out of the spot light. She holds a specially place in my heart for the small role she played in Swingers. Not only was she very attractive in that role but her character represented sort of the silver lining or w/e. Therefore she to me has taken on the importance of some sort of mythical beast…..


I was already contemplating going to see the hangoverand this just seals the deal. I know what you’re saying so the hell what…..but it is a big deal to me b/c I rarely go to the movie theater and NEVER watch movies at home (Honestly I thinkg the last movie I saw was “walk the line”). So deciding that I’m going to see a movie (especially if its not a spur of the moment thing) is a big deal. It seems like this movie had no hype or anything but as soon as it opened it was a huge buzz. This seems like it’s all ways the way it is with good movies. It’s like Hollywood is production so much crap in the last ten years that people inside the industry don’t even know how to recognize whats a good movie and what isn’t. Its really bad I over at my parents last week, and my dad is a huge movie buff and has a huge collection of dvds (where talking boarder line ocd here) he also has a subscription to various movie magazines and I was reading through like move-line or entertainment weekly and I was like this is why I never watch movies any more. There was not a single thing in there that you could have payed me to watch….


I suppose my super bad ADD is part of the problem (lol super bad in my mind because in my mine everything about me is super bad or super good) it’s hard for me to sit through a movie at home …….whatever this is going nowhere so I’m going to stop now…..If I remember what I was going to pontificate about I stall return..



(note: this is the part where you’re supposed to say “Mr. Billy you use your tongue purdier that a $20 whore”)


This is fanfreakintastic: The spell checker for wordpress flags “blog” as a misspelled word……It think this is a metaphor for something but I’m too saturday to connect the dots right now (use of saturday as a adjective or adverb or som….lets just say non-noun was intentional)



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