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So heres the deal……

I used to write a blog some times on myspace and I really enjoyed it. It was like a place to hear myself think (yikes!) and it’s cool to write something ridiculous and send it out into to the virtual black hole. i haven’t done it in a while b/c myspace is so 2000-and-late (a I went their>.>) and I’m lazy and don’t stick to things (more the later than the former). So I copied over most of my old post (their was only so much i could take) and its my intention to start blogging more regularly (we will see how it goes).  While things are getting set up you can read old post…lol I’m sure you’re just chomping at the bit….I don’t blog about serious things to often and I like to rant, but mostly its in good fun and tongue in cheek, I’m really not some miserable grumpy old man at all.

As for your humble narrator, my name is billy and I’m a ___________ (so many things could go here lol), Le Singe is my nom-de-gare or maybe nom-de-keyboard, but some ppl call me smooth (lol). I decided today i love billy joel, i’ve always loved rap, i love disco, 80’s pop, and diet Pepsi just to name a few things. I say use the phrase’s “I mean” and “I guess” and i’m totally out of control with the …… thing. I have a love/hate affair with pop culture and a red hot romance with Internet chic (1337 h4x0r style). I have a driving disorder…..I run into stuff a lot so if you see me lookout and don’t park anywhere near anywhere I might park. I never learned phonics so my spelling is terrible (some one once told me this is a sign of genius 🙂 ) and my grammar is almost as bad so you might need a decoder ring to follow along. I’m not so good at life so things are never dull so pull up a chair and sit for a while and please leave comments…..this just might be the beginning of  a beautiful friendship.

as ever

~Le Singe

Till I’m get some new blogs up you get and idea from these rants:




And here are some of the more serious post:





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