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We are all totally screwed

So I listened to the president speak and bobby J rebut and can I just say holy hell……And if you think I’m about to rant about the politicians think again they are just doing what they do. The really problem we have is the news media and the totally lack of quality in the entire journalism profession……Obama says I’m going to cut taxes for 95% of Americans and then bobby gets up there and says we have a difference in philosophies I believe we should not raise taxes we should cut taxes……wait what…..hmmmmm 1+1= what…….BUT again this is par for the course for politicians the real problem is all the commentator safter words are like “ya as you can see what we have here is a difference in philosophy”……..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

ITS NOT A GOD DAMN DIFFERENCE IN PHILOSOPHY It’s A DIFFERENCE IN REALITY THIS IS TWO DIFFERENT STATEMENTS OF FACTS ONE IS RIGHT ONE IS WRONG COULD YOU ……AND I KNOW THIS IS CRAZY……DIG INTO IT AND FIGURE OUT WHAT IS WHAT IT IS AFTER ALL YOUR JOB…..I mean for Christ sake the philosophies are basically the same the question is which one is actually doing it. Instead the media comes up with comments like well he made lots of promises that he is not going to be able to keep……O’RLY…..is this the first state of the union address these jackass have ever seen. Making lots of bullshit promises is the defining theme of every freaking state of the union address that has ever been uttered. After watching one of George W. Bush’s I remember thinking so what’s this guy going to do on the weekends cure cancer and every other president is the same. I mean politics in this country has lost any tenuous connection to reality it ever had and no one even notices in large part because the people in the position to ask meaning full constructive questions don’t. I mean can I get maybe just a little bit of :
“Barack how in the hell do you plan on accomplishing even a quarter of that”

“Bobby how is putting money in the hands of individuals hands going to solve the problems, when we have multiple individual banks with derivative contracts on their books that far exceed the value of the ENTIRE WORLD ECONOMY?”

“so is Obama going to raise taxes or lower taxes or if it’s a combination, and if so what is the net effect?”

“bobby if your tax cuts (which iirc you were originally against) were so brilliant AND you support education why are you looking at cutting the higher education in your state by 30 %”

I mean the only reasonable political commentary I have heard in the last 15 years comes for Louis Black who is a comedian. He is right on point in his bit where he says (I’m paraphrasing here)”….the problem with the news is there isn’t any news anymore you have multiple sets of facts you turn on CNN and you get one set of facts and you turn over to fox and you get a different set of facts…..whatever happened to the fact facts…YOU CAN’T HAVE TWO DIFFERENT SETS OF FACTs THEY’RE FACTS…..’ (emphasis is Mr. Blacks). It’s freakin ridiculous our society is a ball of under informed mass hysteria devoid of any kind of reasonable logic or constructive discussion. The nightly news is more like the Rikki Lake show than anything that approaches the dissemination of information……..

Oh and speaking of Bobby Jindal is it just me or did he huff a helium balloon right before walling on stage….I mean the whole first half of his speech it sounded like he was using a fake voice…….

This my friends is why I hate politics and I never watch stuff like this….and people say “you need watch so you can be an informed voter blah blah blah“….trust me listening to these jackasses speak and the moron drone commentators comment on it can do nothing but hurt your ability to be informed or make rational decisions……ya just have to let it go and hope the big man upstairs see’s things through (like he always has) because we sure as hell aren’t going to get it done.

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