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introspective morning at da hop..

Update: not sure what type of head space i was in when i wrote this one but whatever…..


I have a new favorite word its WUT. This is a great word for people like myself with ADD. Whenever you zone back in from lala and someone is staring at you like they just ask you a question and are waiting for you to say something you just go “Wut…..”. If someone tells you something you don’t like you can go Whaa-ut, or if some on tell you something you do like you can go wutwut. That’s a lot of utility out of three letters us engineers like that sort of thing.

Ummmmkay if you are a dude, who is not working as one of Santa’s helpers or in some type of theater production, and you wear shoes that come almost to a point at the toe and curve up to where the toe end of the shoe is off the ground (noticeable) then you’re gay, sorry but that’s that end of story. This metro sexual thing is getting way out of control and society has to draw the line somewhere. I saw a guy this morning wearing a pair of these shoes in IHOP. If you wear these shoes (especially if you wear them to IHOP) then you are gay, I don’t care if you have sex with men or not you’re still gay……in fact I’d go as far as to say that wearing these shoe is more gay than actually have sex with a man…….I mean maybe the dude lost a bet or something but still…And before you start let me just say I got no problem whatsoever with the gheys, but if you’re gay be gay and if not then don’t be its this pseudo gay “style” that I can’t stand. And the guys is in Ihop with this anorexic chick with bleach blonde hair pumped up lips fake tan possible fake rack but I couldn’t really see b/c she had a coat on and I didn’t really look to hard because frankly women that look like this freakin disgust me. I would have thrown up in my mouth a little bit if I were not so stoic (or is it nihilistic).
I mean holy crap in all seriousness am I the only one this scares the shit out of I mean were does this all end people are literally trying to turn themselves in cartoon characters. Really Aldous Huxley is starting to look quite Jules Vernes-esq and that should frighten everyone. I’m not saying I’ve quite reached unibomber status yet, but honestly I’m at least starting to see where the guy was coming from…….

Ironic that I type this into a blog that will be on myspace and face book …lolz…..the only thing that would have been better is if I had texted the entry in from my phone….while driving…

And honestly I think things are getting better these trends are starting fade away and we’ve started to see a reversion to it being good for women to look like women (me likes) as opposed to pre-pubescent boy’s with silicon lumps on their chest. People are starting to look more natural and less cyborg-ish. Maybe it was all a manifestation of the excess of the house flipping designer coffee age, and as we transition (or maybe crater is more apropos) into a new age things are changing we are getting some of our puritan routes back. A return to austerity fueled by good ole fashioned white protestant guilt.

And lastly I was just listening to Jay-z’s 99 problems and I’m wondering is this really a urban love ballad to beyounce…I mean he’s got lots of problem’s, like the man keeping him down (note to jay-z the man is now mulatto), but a bitch ain’t one b/c he’s got freakin beyounce and I don’t think any one could have a problem with that. This is how I interpret the piece anyway.

With love
~Le Singe

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