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near jerry springer moment…..

So I’m saying with a good friend because my house is out of commission…..so I arise this afternoon (from a nap) and who do I find hanging out ….my friends his new girlfriend of like 2 3 weeks who is also the neighbor (bad call IMO)…..his ex-girlfriend who I think he is trying work on to get to be his future girlfriend….And….for a cherry on top of the cake…..the new girlfriends ex-fiancée, only ex for like a month at the most…..hanging out as in all in the same room at the same time laughing uncomfortably at the same jokes.

The weirdest thing is I’m the only one who seemed to have a “what in the hell is going on here” reaction to this……my friend is kind of like the mr. magoo of interpersonal relationships but some how getting himself into this mess is a fine piece of work even for him….

Don’t worry I have my camera here I case shit goes down (I secretly hope it does and I’m aware that makes me a terrible person..)

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