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And the Hits just keep on coming…..Good news my driving privileges have been revoked oh joy…../

Good news my driving privileges have been revoked oh joy…../shoots self in the face.

I’d be Irate but this one is 110% my own fault ……I knew when I got that certified letter notice this was not going to be good. LoL it is like this Sinbad stand up I heard where he is talking about if you go on the Jerry Springer show and they tell you to go in to the sound proof booth don’t come out the booth….It’s not going to be a happy time for you…..Whenever you get the certified letter notice don’t come out the booth….stay the hell away from the post office……….

Of course this is the problem and really a great metaphor for the real problem bigger picture.

Quick life story of your humble narrator (henceforth Le Singe)à Birth (in the year of the Dragon bitches!!!) to 1999 = total degenerate, late 1999 to 2005 = fine upstanding citizen full of good Christian living, 2005ish to the last two weeks of 2007 utter and total insanity (as insane as it can be without throwing alcohol or other mood altering chemicals in the mix) 90% of which was my fault but there were some major bad life events thrown in there. I mainly lived in my cave I had a fire pit and a trash pile and spoke with a series of grunts gestures and broken simple sentences……2008 involved a “stop loss” of the extreme craziness and a transition towards getting back into the DOLCE VITA…..

So in the crazy period I live in my cocoon (i.e. the sound proof booth) and one thing that did not go on in my cocoon, apparently,  was filing tax returns….BUT you have a choice to can either stay in the sound proof booth forever….keep running forever…which dooms you to a life of misery….OR you can come out the booth and take your medicine find out you married a tranny or half your babies mama’s kids are actually not yours or what ever else jerry has in store for you…..i.e you can stop running. BUT this means that all the stuff that you have been running from slams into the back of you. This happened to me throughout 2008 and this is just one more piece of it. It’s really a good thing because it is a necessary part and a sure sign of the return to the DOLCE VITA…..

So basically I didn’t file taxes for a bunch of years and for some crazy reason the state has a ‘problem’ with that (nobody has a sense of humor anymore)…..so my driving privileges have been revoked. So now I’m an outlaw (a role I love to play) and tomorrow I will have to stop driving till I can fix this b/c that is simply the right thing to do…….

Speaking of the DOLCE VITA look at my 2009 nine horoscope which ironically I just saw…. 

Year 2009 Overview

Wonderful things are in store for you this year, Virgo! You’re experiencing tremendous feelings of rebirth and, as you release old ways of expressing yourself, you’ll find yourself walking into all kinds of new experiences. Virgo loves to make sure everything is clear, concise and methodical, and this will help make it easy for you to graciously receive and beautifully adapt to the growth you are experiencing. You’ll feel very peaceful with the changes happening both inside and outside of you, and you welcome the opportunity to express the new knowledge you gain.

There’s a renaissance going on within you that seems to have been asleep for sometime now. You discover where the doorway is and are ready to consciously find new meaning in your life, and to manifest who you are in your own way. Mentally, culturally, instinctually and spiritually, you’ll be going through incredible transformation this year. Your fresh take on life will give you the ability to manifest a new reality. You take a big leap forward as you share these changes with others.

A re-emergence of your inventive and creative self will give you new ways of taking action and bringing your talents into the world. You will feel secure, safe and centered, which allows you to achieve anything you want in your life. You will feel more spiritually balanced in 2009 than ever before.


UPDATE:  Freakin sweet I made an appointment with my CPA and then called ‘the man’ and it turns out I have a 30 day grace period to handle this before my lisence is actually suspended so i’m back street legal which means that if you are running the roads you betta WATCH YO AZZ.

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