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Wherein I …KILL JOOO…err I mean turn the other cheek….

Sooooooo my suspicions that had been developing that my contractor was ripping me off have been confirmed…how do I know….. b/c took the money and ran…up and left town leaving me with only a text message an only partly repaired home and my ruined dreams…..GOOD TIMES!!!11!1!11 …and you know really if you were going to have me grabbing my ankles like this you could have at least had the decency to do it in late September or early October so I wasn’t sitting here 5 to 6 month after the event still with unresolved crap….I’d love to sue the horseshit out of him but really I have a strong suspicion that he is “judgment proof” as they say….and I’m not losing anymore money on this deal just to prove a point……this leaves me with really only one option ……****SHARKS WITH FREAKIN LASER BEAMS ON THEIR HEADS*****…….and also what I really really want is to sit back and feel sorry for myself boo-hoo I really want to renegotiate life on life’s terms with …. life ….. BUT….then I think of people like my good friend whose father has died in the last 6 months and his mother is on her deathbed as we speak, another who has dealt with cancer twice and a near fatal motorcycle wreak all in the last 8 or so years and I get really pissed at them b/c I REALLY want to dive into the bitter morass of self pity but when I think of them and others how can I …….it’s not that big a deal I’ve been though much worse just two years ago…

THANK GOD…I’ve been lucky enough to acquire the tools needed to “match calamity with serenity” and really what good would me getting irate or bitter do other than making me miserable. I read somewhere something to the effect that ‘…self righteous anger is the dubious luxury of more normal thinking people…” than I. So I say some days the bear gets you some days you get the bear. And honestly I’ve been blessed I have to finical resources to make things right despite all this and that is what I will do…

Don’t get me wrong I’d still love to light a bag of crap on fire put it on aforementioned contractors door step ring the bell and run….IN FACT…I would probably be doing this right now BUT…..just between you and me…Crapping in a bag sounds like a lot more trouble that it is worth…I mean there’s some logistics involve in that, that you better hope you get right…….If only they sold pre crapped in bags…………..and that my friends is as good a thought to leave you with and have you ponder as any….

If only they sold pre crapped in bags.

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