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Le Singes annual State of the Primate adress

I want


……To take a cruise to ..Alaska.., actually I’m not crazy about boats or being ‘at sea’ maybe I just want to visit ….Alaska….. My cousin and her family live there maybe I should visit them. BUT…and I know this is crazy……I think I’d rather go somewhere where I didn’t know anyone so that I could see what I wanted and move at my own pace. When ppl host some one I think they feel obligated to show them around. Not that I necessarily want to go alone, but just only with ppl who are on board with my less than highly structured ways…….If you could tour Alaska by train that would be ideal…


….To go on vacation to Montréal and ….Quebec….. There is a lot of history up there, it’s got to be just about the oldest civilized places in ..North America.. (European settled I guess heaven forbid some one get offended). There must be tons of history there and its history we done hear to much about…..I guess like they say the winners write the history books. For what I’ve seen the architecture there is beautiful and I have some interest in architecture although I do not know so much about it. I want to go in the fall. 


….I want different floors in my house I don’t like the new ones they look cheap if I had been on top of the construction I would have got something better…meh you win some you lose some….really I want my old floors back but only not damaged…..It’s ok I will work this out in due time.


I need help


…with picking out furniture and that type stuff for my house. I have to get a lot of new stuff and in the past I have always picked up stuff on a fly by night basis (story of my life) but now I want it to match and look nice, or at least not like I robbed a salvation army store…..the thing is I have no aptitude in this area so if you know some one who does let me know.


……understanding why these stupid sons of bitches in Israeli and Palestine can’t stop the all the horseshit….I mean I know people are passionate about things and what not, but you got to think that sooner or later people would get tired of killing each other and realize that there has to be a better way. I know people are prideful but FUCK their in the streets killing each other an still refuse to just work some thing out. Hell ..America.. takes a lot of shit (especially from us Americans) and ….America….’s actions and ideals etc. get bashed all over the world….BUT we you really look at it things here are pretty freaking good. I’ve been to other countries…(more than some less than others)…I even lived in one for a year, and while it is a nice experience I always kiss the ground the second I get back here. BOTTOM LINE living in the USA is 100% better than living anywhere else….LOOK for Christ shakes these jackasses can’t stop gunning each other down in the streets and blowing each other up for the last ….what 30 years….In the name of religions that are supposedly all about peace….(and no I’m not against religion at all I’m down with it, it is a good thing I part of one albeit not avery good member L)…..It’s not so much that I want to criticize the stupid Semitic sumbitchies it’s just that I don’t understand don’t they get tired of all the dying………….


I’m grateful 

….to have a home at all.

…..to be gainfully employed in these difficult times.

…..for the stock market crashing giving me the privilege of watching my money circle the drain. In the end it’s just money and it’s really not THAT important (if it is to you then I pity you). This has just underscored this fact. At the end of the day what I NEED will be provided for that I’m sure off.

…..Friends who take me in and house me when times are tough (or at least times are tough for my house) even though I smell like cabbage (hopefully not really).

….Appearently for the phraes ‘I guess’ and ‘I mean’ lol I think i even through an “I mean I guess’ in there somewhere….I imagine thats pretty annoying to read…..

….And a million other things….



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