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You know what the best way to judge my spiritual condition, where I’m at, what side of the force I’m on, etc……to understand this you have to understand than I work on the top floor (aka Da Penthouse) of a tall building, lol well 6 floors not exactly the sears tower but for baton rouge I’ll dare to say that this is ‘tall’……I digress…….I can easily judge my spiritual condition by when I come through the lobby and jump on the elevator, hoping as everyone who is perched in DA Penthouse does to catch the ‘express’…….As I hop on the ‘lift’ I see someone coming down the hall…..

At this point I find myself in quite the dilemma, similar to the fight club ass crouch dilemma…….what to do…….

Some days I hit the [door open] button and smile and wait for them and greet them as they jump on. This is the good spiritual times, Jedi mode, the salad days, this is when things are good.

BUT, and you are not going to believe this, I’m not always in top spiritual condition so sometimes I just sit there. It tell myself if they don’t make it on then that was ‘gods will’ (and less stops for me), but in reality I’m shouting in my mind at the door close, close, plz closes now. I guess this is somewhat spiritual neutral.

ANd, I hate to say it but its true so I will, some times I get on see someone coming and I start mashing the [door close] button and secretly hope they will get right to the elevator as the door is closing and I will grin and wave to them…..these are the bad times, could it be SATAN……this is the dark side the darth vader mode….


while is was typing this we had a freakin……fire drilllll wtf so I was typing this b/c I started the morning in case two above but since I was at least thinking about it I was creeping towards case one and a good day but now THIS and I go crashing through the floor of case three straight into bratty 5 year old mode……
For christsake if you’re an adult and you can exit a burning building in an orderly fashion then you deserve to die in the fire. I mean really you are doing for the good of us all; having you out of the gene pool asap can only make the species stronger. Now I know what you’re saying “…..but Le Singe in a fire things are chaotic whnnnn whnnnn whnnn…..ppl freak out and it makes things hard.” This is most likely true, but what the hell does a “fire drill” that everyone knows is a “fire drill” do to help that….nothing…..and we have like three of these a year……it’s a bit much……hell sometimes they have to good around begging ppl to leave I’d go as far as to say this drills make us less safe from a fire. If you never have heard the fire drill go off then you suddenly hear it then your ass is on the move I guarantee….but if it goes off every other month you hear it and are like “…I wonder if they will notice if I just stay at my desk…..”(Although the strobe light and loud noises make this option less attractive than it may seem.

grrrrr nothing to help you forget problems with the elevator like having to WALK up and down the STAIRS….the stairs that are OUTSIDE in the cold…..
Stupid god, stupid lessons grumble grumble grumble…………..

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