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It just goes to show you

alcoholics can stirr-up shit and cause maham even when we are not even there and had nothing to do with the situation……even when we don’t even know it’s going on.


Osbourne Attacks — Crying and Stains Ensue

Posted Jan 5th 2009 2:37AM by TMZ Staff

Some of the good stuff was definitely left on the cutting room floor — but last night VH1 aired the fight between Sharon Osbourne and “Charm School” chick Megan Hauserman, and it got nasty.
Osbourne went ballistic when Megan dissed Ozzy, but what they didn’t show was Sharon ripping at Hauserman’s hair extensions or the bikini-clad girl’s trip to the hospital the next day, where she filed a police report with the LAPD.

One thing is clear — trash Sharon all you want, just leave Ozzy out of it.

I mean whats this girl thinking anyone who has lived with Ozzy for thrity years is obviously tough as hell and not above dishing out an ass whippin…..Keep ur damn pie hole shut…..

she could have gone churchill on her and said we in the morning my husband will sober up but yull still be a stupid skank……

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