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Hans R.I.P.

January 2nd, 2009 would have been my brothers 29th birthday so please keep him in your thoughts as we all live forever in the hearts and minds of those whose paths we cross in our journey. On the 2nd we went to the cemetery and out to eat at mike Andersons in remembrance. It is kind of strange but while going to the cemetery seems like it should be a sad thing for some reason it always brings a strange sense of peace to me. The cemetery is a very eerie place not eerie in a bad way, but eerie in a good way. When standing in the cemetery close to the grave of some one you were every close to I get a really powerful feeling. It’s almost as if you are at the threshold between this world and the next. I get a very palpable feeling of the world that is unseen, untouchable almost like I could reach out and grab it. The feeling of the crossroads between what is seen and known and tangible to us and that which is out there but cannot be seen or fully known but is still at work in the world. This some how fills me with a sense of peace and a steadfast belief in the forces at work the world beyond the trials and tribulations of the everyday world and trust in the fact that there is a greater power and purpose at work than we know or can see…..

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