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hmmm….what to do with all these lawyers

Just another sign of the poor state of “things”

Ungrateful Dead — Garcia Sued by Dead Pal

Posted Dec 30th 2008 12:53PM by TMZ Staff

It’s always a shame when two lifelong friends fight over money. It’s even worse when they’re dead.

The estate of keyboardist Merl Saunders is suing the estate of Jerry Garcia over a CD of a live performance of theirs that was released in 2004. According to a federal lawsuit filed yesterday, Saunders’ estate claims it has equal rights to the music, but didn’t find out about the CD until after it was released.

Saunders’ estate wants in excess of $100,000. Neither Saunders nor Garcia could be reached for comment because they’re both dead.

Well this is fanfuckingtastic two….dead people…..suing each other. This is taking our societies letigious (I’m sure that’s not spelled right but I’m not looking it up so deal with it) tendencies to a whole new level. Hey maybe we can have a dead contestant on dancing with the stars next season ala weekend a Bernie’s. They can get Paul Abduls has been ass to parade around with Abraham Lincolns mummified remains (I mean really whose a big start than honest ab?). This is really the next logical step for “reality tv” and its no less ridiculous or sad then two ppl suing each other who are BOTH FREAKIN DEAD. It brings a new meaning to the idea of “haunted” yes there are ghost and no they are not going to kill you or harm you like TV would have you believe the truth is much worse they are going to terrorize us by doing things like tying up the legal system with pointless litigation, drive 45 mph in the left lane of the interstate, or starting new bowl games so there can be even more really crappy football on that I don’t watch…….How the mighty have fallen….I mean JG was supposed to be this counterculture icon and he’s gone so mainstream that he is still suing ppl from beyond the grave. FIRST we were supposed to kill all the lawyers….BUT…..apparently instead they’re still screwing us even after we’re DEAD. They’re a wily bunch…….and come on dead jerry Garcia must have plenty of jack, he can’t afford to chip dead hasbeenneverwas off a lil sumthin sumthin without getting the law involved? Then again it wouldn’t surprise me if JG has got like 500 kids all around the globe so maybe they need all the money they can get……..And organ players need to get some kind of new name b/c “keyboardest” really sounds lame……… a “Keyboardest” is just the type you would expect these type of post-expiration shananagans from…….

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