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MErry Effin christmass

So happy birthday Jesus (I’m pronouncing it “Hey-Zeus” in case your reading aloud) I’ll give you your spankings next time I see you. Now I know what you are thinking (no not “…nobody fucks with the Jesus man…”), but Le Singe how can you rant and rave profanely during the holiday season…..So lets get this out of the way first I had excellent holiday with family and friends and got to see many ppl (and their offspring) that I had not seen in a long time, so that was good BUT

There is something we really need to talk about, well really me talk you listen and get it through your thick skulls. The record needs to be set straight and this needs to be ironed out once and for all.

I don’t know who the hell what the hell how the hell when the hell where the hell some one decided that fruit was some how fucking desert……….So here it is once and for all FRUIT IS NOT F%&$ING DESERT I’m sorry but its not. That’s complete bullshit. You want to eat fruit w/e you love fruit ok that’s your business…….BUT when you start trying to pass it off as desert that is were I have to put my foot down…YOU CAN”T CALL FRUIT DESERT…no mas, just don’t do it. In some cultures I know fruit may be held in high esteem, having access to it may identify you as “high class”, but in these here U S of A’s you ain’t winning any friends with fruit……I’m mean you want to have fruit after a meal and not have desert knock yourself out I don’t care…..but don’t talk about ‘desert’ and then bust out fruit….It’s the principle of the matter….don’t mock the sweet chocolate Carmel candy coated creamy […] goodness that is desert by trying to throw fruit in there…….I’m sick and tired of this crap it’s a Marxist plot and therefore godless blasphemy and there is no better time than baby J’s birthday to put a stop to it….

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