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(from tmz)

Lindsay Lohan & Sam: The Epic Fight

We now know what happened between Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson last Sunday just before she went to the hospital. The two were in a nuclear screaming match at their Hollywood Hills home.

Neighbors tell us they were going at it for a long time, but it reached a crescendo at around 4:00 AM after one of them screamed at the other, “You never say you love me.” The screaming continued and neighbors heard a glass break. Sam then screamed, “If you’re gonna break things get out of my house.” One neighbor described the conversation as “wailing, with lots of obscenities.”

A short time later Sam went to the hospital — her rep says for exhaustion.

Ronson joined Linds to shop on Tuesday — Lindsay apparently hadn’t gotten all the obscenities out of her system.

Exhaustion? What does Sammanth Ronson do besides be a kept woman? and don’t give me this crap about I’m a DJ i’ve seen the scene “I’m a DJ” is bullshitise for I’m not gainfully employed…..this sounds like are really stressful and exhausting life….Exhaustion……Look I know if you’ve been up smoking and/or banging meth for like 6 days without eating at all you may feel exhaustED BUT thats not exhaustion is good ole fashion crackheadism……

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