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What is the world coming to…..

OMFG I actually agree with DICK Cheney on something the rapture is upon us my good friends. Actually I agree with DICK on some things (mostly economic related), but the guy is just well in a word a DICK. He irks me to no end; just seeing him on TV makes me go into seizers. One of the greatest moments of the past century, on par with the Chinese guy that step in front of the column of tanks, was when right after Katrina DICK was in Biloxi being interviewed out on a street somewhere and this guy rides by on a bike and yells “….F&*$ you Cheney” lol I cried I laughed then I laughed and cried. Obviously the guy has extreme powers from the dark side of the force how many people do you know that can shoot someone and have the person they shot apologize to them…… 

 Cheney: It’s ‘Herbert Hoover’ time 

“I think it would appear that the people who voted against this are carrying out the will of the voters as expressed through the phone calls to our offices,” said Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa).” 

That’s right chuck because phone calls to your office is a highly scientific and very accurate way to judge the will of the people…..actually wait no it’s just a way to judge the will of the wack jobs that have the time and the inclination to call your office moron this may explain some of your parties resent problems. You happen to remember the last two elections chucky baby or is it that you remember them all too well OIC the truth comes out: 

“Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a fierce critic of the bailout, said the failure of the bill could hurt his auto-state colleagues, but noted, “Politically, I think Republicans can show a real difference [with Democrats] here.”” 

Unfreakin believable……(and if you think the democrats are above this type petty horse poop you’re delusional so don’t think this is a politic thing). First off Jimmy remember that administration you’re fighting here……what party were they again I forget. I mean this is wonderful we’ve got a bunch of senators acting like pouting children when we are in the most treacherous times we’ve seen post world war II….. 

Ok look its $14 billion, to me or you that’s a lot of flipping money. I’d probably lick a donkey’s asshole for $14 billion I might even spend time with my new buddy DICk.

But considering everything involved here and the scale of it $14 billion is like a drop in the bucket I mean we threw like 2 trillion plus in the last month and a half at the economy…..and now you’re going to throw a temper tantrum over $14 billion. We’ve got bratty children running our government. 

So let me explain this to you since my man DICK apparently didn’t get the job done. This is not $14 B to save the auto industry. This is $ 14 B to push off the finial resolution to the problems with the big 3 until we are not on the precipice of falling into another catastrophic deflationary spiral…..I mean either you spend $14 billion now and you buy some time and if 3 months from now the world economy is a little more stable then you let them go into chapter 11 or do whatever else and in 3 months if things are not a little more stable then the $14 B won’t matter anyway….It’s not like its either spend $14 B or spend nothing, It spend $14 B or spend whatever the cost for the fallout from doing nothing which the expected value of which is with out a doubt more than $14 B. If you can’t understand that then god help us. Clearly these douche bags lack the brains or the balls to be of any good to us…… 

OH WAIT what the hell was I thinking their not really against it they’re just waiting so that they can put a bunch of stuff on the bill like tax credits/cuts for producers of wooden arrows or rum, and tax cuts for businesses that allow their employees to rider their bike to work…. 

Can we talk about that for a second tax cuts for companies that ALLOW their employees to ride their bikes to work….WTF is that……I don’t think I ever worked anywhere, or even heard of anywhere, where you were NOT ALLOWED to ride your bike to work I mean what the hell are they like you can steal out of the register you can screw the bosses daughter but DON’T LET ME CATCH YOU RIDING YOUR BIKE TO WORK…. 


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