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Sorry Nose, but I’ve got to get back at Face…….

Well I’ve really out done myself this time. If they gave a Pulitzer for belligerent rants with poor spelling and grammar I’d be a shoe in. This is my best work to date I hope you enjoy.   

Note: Ok so whenever I see something I think is funny or ironic or whatever I like to rant on it in teh blog. Reading back over some of my posts I feel that people might get the impression that I was a bitter cantankerous bastard, but this is not the case. In fact I was just thinking to myself last night that despite all the worldly clamors life is good. So I hope no one gets the wrong idea……. 

That being say today I’m SUPER pissed, and you know what that means. It’s time for another fire side chat with Le Singe. So pull up a chair a listen to the primary primate pontificate. 

Un-freaking believable….so I see where GM is going bankrupt (which is apparently a huge surprise even though the hand writings been on the wall in huge letters in day glow paint for like at least two years). So the clowns in Washington decide to debate how to bail their asses out. Now as you may remember we already gave them a pile of cash to develop ‘energy efficient’ vehicles, —–[Aside: which was stupid if these vehicles are not economically efficient then they shouldn’t be made it’s just a waste and if they are then they don’t need government subsides to develop them (furthermore if you think the run up in oil prices this year and last was based on supply and demand you’re not paying very good attention), but I’m getting off point here this is really a matter of opinion and your preeminent primates primary concern today deals with something far more simple and ridiculous]——–So some senators come up with the good idea (I’m not being sarcastic here) to take the money to keep GM and likely Ford and Chrysler afloat from this fund for developing ‘energy efficient’ vehicles. But some how UNBELIEVABLELY several, as in enough to keep it from passing, senators / congress people are against this…….they say that money is for developing ‘energy efficient’ vehicles……I mean can we all pause for a moment of utter disbelief and shock….. 

NEWS FLASH — BANKRUPT AUTO COMPANIES THAT NO LONG EXIST DON’T DEVELOP ENERGY EFFICIENT CARS nor do they develop energy inefficient cars, actually they don’t develop cars at all because………(wait for it)………..THEY’RE F@$ING BANKRUPT AND NO LONGER EXIST. Holy flipping crap, are you kidding me. Is this not the very definition of cutting off your nose to spite your face? I mean if you use the money on the companies now then there is at least a possibility of them developing energy efficient cars. If you don’t let them use it based on the fact that you want that money spent on the development of energy efficient cars then you get guaranteed  NO ENERGY EFFICIENT CARS  because once again BANKRUPT AUTO COMPANIES THAT NO LONGER EXIST DON’T DEVELOP ENERGY EFFICIENT CARS      why?…..because……drumroll please……. THEY’RE F@$ING BANKRUPT AND NO LONGER EXIST. 

This is just more proof that a radio talk show, internet message board mentality has take over this country and people are no longer plugged into reality and they would much rather argue about stuff than actually accomplish anything. People are more worried about talking tough, horseshit rhetoric, and inflexible abstract ideologies than they are about actually addressing issues. 

I’m starting to wonder how congress is going to follow-up their awesome performance on the bailout bill and now this. Maybe they could have some more hearings on steroids in baseball, college football, or what NFL games are TV. Or maybe they should call themselves into a special “where’s Waldo” session where they all get together and try to find a jackass dressed in a ridiculous striped shirt in a picture, in fact not even a picture it just a drawing. 

Meh, whatever the American auto makers are all shit companies and pretty much deserve to be bankrupt if this were more normal times I would say let them go with out even thinking twice about it BUT we are in a place right now where I have grave concerns about the systems abilities’ to withstand another ‘shock’. I mean Le Singe has warned you in the past about deflation and even pointed out in his rant about the bailout bill that it had already started well this past month the deflation rate was the worse since…EVER that is to say worst EVER…..EVER and by EVER they mean EVER (actually by ever they mean since they started keeping records of the metric in question and who knows how long that is). In the year 1930 the CPI fell 2.6 percent, for the entire year, last month it fell 1 percent, which would lead to 12% if it continued at this pace for 12 months (cpi = consumer price index and one of the metrics that track inflation/deflation). If you don’t remember 1930 in economic terms NOT SO MUCH. From the Wikipedia page on the great depression and it’s causes –

“The only consensus viewpoint is that there was a large-scale lack of confidence. Unfortunately, once panic and deflation set in, many people believed they could make more money by keeping clear of the markets as prices got lower and lower and a given amount of money bought ever more goods.”—

So why at a time like this would you not put petty politics and ideology aside and try to avoid the panic that will send us over the edge (that is assuming it has not already happened). 

Today’s word is alliteration. 

This week’s sign the rapture is upon us – Guns and rose is releasing a new album 

From the ‘I call shenanigans’ files – there is a certain phrase that I seem to be hearing a lot lately “trust but verify” I’m sorry but this saying is total horseshit. If you trust you don’t verify that’s the whole point of trusting you don’t have to verify. If you verify you are by definition not trusting. Don’t get me wrong there is tons of things you need to verify in life but the point is you do it because you DON’T TRUST.

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