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Please Remember!!!!

If you see a sign on a bridge with a measurement in feet and inchs on it, it is useful information……


Good thing those steel wires aren’t very important DOH!!!

So as you can see if you don’t make use of this information its not going to be a happy time for you and frankly it generates a lot of unnecessary work for me so JUST DON’T DO IT

I took Monday off and yesterday was a holiday so I got my coveted 4 day weekend (well played, eh? last week I went for it and ended up with a Zero day weekend). So I had an important meeting on Thursday and things were a little hazy so I decided to check my notes b/c I’m a highly effect person that takes detailed notes and is very organized, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..sorry. Anyway I looked to my ‘notes’ and they consisted solely of the single word “Donkey”….this is not a joke……oh wellz, I wonder what that was about? I also told some guy from FHWA he was eff’in crazy (I’d did not use the word eff’in but I used the same voice inflexion as you would if you say ‘your eff’in crazy’) meh I wish I had better control of my emotional nature I have been embarrassing myself to much lately.

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